Mommy Squirrel finds out her baby is safe


The man found a tiny squirrel on the ground. He didn’t see near any of his nests, nor his parents. Tiny squeaked and asked for help.

Good Samaritan decided to help the animal and took him home. He fed the baby with an eye dropper and made him a house out of old boxes and handfuls of candy. Animal feel comfortable with her Saviour. He loved to sit in the hands of men and was very grateful to him for salvation. But our hero knew that he had a place in the wild and was going to let him go soon.

But then something unexpected happened… Sitting with a squirrel on the balcony, he heard a strange sound. Turning on sides, he saw an adult squirrel. She started talking to the baby. The man decided to bring the baby closer to the adult animal and there was something absolutely wonderful.