Woman Buys Thrift Store Ornament For $2.99


Blue trinkets are Priscilla Bailey’s favorite thing to collect. She has a few beautiful and delicate items hanging above her kitchen sink that she admires while washing the dishes. While perusing through a Savers store in Plymouth, Massachusetts, a bluish cracked glass ornament in the shape of a heart with silver adornment covering on the end caught her eye.

For just $2.99, the sparkling piece became hers. It was elaborately detailed and appeared to have something unidentifiable in it, but Priscilla didn’t think much about the contents after she gave it a special spot next to her other favorite collectibles. But after a few days of staring at it, Priscilla couldn’t help but wonder what was inside the object.

Her husband helped her hold a light up to the treasure and there was indeed something inside it! When it dawned on Priscilla just what she held in her hand, she couldn’t believe it. She enlisted the help of her daughter Kat to embark upon a quest to find the rightful owner. Priscilla just knew that person had to be missing it about now. The Savers store accepts donations and most come from residents right there in town or the surrounding communities, so it quite possibly belonged to someone she knew! So what did the ornament contain?