Man’s Tear Jerking Rendition Of Elvis Hit Forces Judge To Slam The Golden Buzzer


There are many variations of “America’s Got Talent” where contestants take the stage to show the judges their talents.

One noted show is “Ireland’s Got Talent.” A recent contestant by the name of Barry Darcy took the stage to show his stunning dance moves.

The 38-year-old man wanted to give the judges something to remember while also making the audience speechless.

While Barry was on the stage, he talked about some of the difficulties that he’s experienced in his life.

His story touched the hearts of many of the people in the audience as well as those who would be judging his dance moves and vocals.

Barry is now known as an inspiration, and his story continues to motivate those who see reruns of the show on television or online.

He believes that even the most difficult times in life can be embraced with a positive attitude and determination.

Louis Walsh initiated the conversation as soon as Barry walked onto the stage and took his place in the spotlight.

A herniated disc presses on the nerves in Barry’s back. He has a slim chance of walking again, but he’s cheerful in his life.

He’s not letting anything hold him back from doing the things that he enjoys, one being singing in front of a crowd.

Since the day that Barry woke up and was unable to walk, he has learned to cherish life more and has learned to love his wife and his children more than he did before.

Barry chose an Elvis Presley song to sing on the show. The song means a lot to him because it shows how he feels about his family.

His vocals were on point and comparable to the soulful notes of Elvis.

Barry received the Golden Buzzer and will advance to the next stages of the competition.