Little Girl Struts Onto Dance Floor Swinging Her Hips


A bride and groom had no idea that one of the entertainers at their glamorous wedding reception would be two pint-sized dancing powerhouses whose video would later go viral. With more than 49 million views, it’s no wonder people can’t get enough of these two! The little girl is full of sass and struts out into the middle of the dance floor, ponytail flying and swinging her hips in a polka dotted skirt, stomping her little wedges as she walks.

Her partner is a little boy dressed quite dapper with a bow tie, suspenders, and shiny black shoes. He confidently strides toward the little girl and they both begin dancing with a lot of fun attitude. She even lip syncs for part of their strong and exceptional dance routine. They execute partner moves and solo stints during this peppy performance that has drawn quite the crowd to watch them. Their moves are on fire!

The music changes multiple times and their routine even includes props. Their facial expressions are just too funny while they dance. Their footwork is phenomenal, especially for children so young. When the camera quickly cuts to the bride and groom, they can be seen dancing right along with the little ones as they stand in a circle around the children. Check out these saucy dancers who likely will grow up to become quite the performers.