Late Trucker’s Family Honor Him By Giving Him “One Last Ride”


Many funerals are pretty predictable at this point.

The body is taken in a black limo in a coffin to the burial ground where the family will say a few kind words, perhaps sing a few songs, and pay their respects.

However, that was not the kind of funeral that 48 year old

The family of the late Shuman wanted to honor his career and his battle with brain cancer by giving his coffin one last ride in style on an 18 wheeler truck to where he would be laid to rest.

This was something that is an honor that allowed fellow truck driver’s to pay their respects in their own unique way.

A big convoy of trucks followed along with the coffin truck in a sign of respect. Mark’s son posted a video of the tribute online and said that it was an amazing and touching honor.

It was something that you just don’t see everyday.
trucker one last ride

It is clear that co-workers and colleagues of Mark Shuman’s definitely had a lot of respect for the man and for the battle with brain cancer that he had to go through.

There were a lot of other truckers out on the road that were honking their horns as a way of showing their respect for the late trucker.

They wanted to let the world know that we had all lost a great man who meant a great deal to the trucking community and beyond.

Some drivers who come along to pay their respects said that they had been trucking for as many as thirty-three years and wanted to be there to help give a send-off to this great man and see him enter into heaven the right way.

The family requested that in lieu of flowers that anyone wanting to show their respect for this fallen trucker send a donation to St. Jude’s Medical Research Hospital instead.

They were appreciative of the amazing work that St. Jude’s does, and they wanted to make a positive legacy continue through those donations.

You may view the video of this truck driver’s last ride below.