Farmer Spots Two Clydesdale Horses Trapped In Frozen Lake


Rescue stories are often pretty spectacular and you always bring out a range of emotions, whether they are feelings of sadness or joy, and this story is guaranteed to do just that.

When two Clydesdale horses broke out of their closure and wandered on to the ice at Pine Grove lake, first responders were horrified to find that the horses had fallen through the thin ice. They knew they had a huge task ahead of freeing the horses from the 10 feet of freezing water, but they just knew they had to help.

The horses were exhausted from trying to escape the freezing cold waters, so they had to think fast to get them out of the deadly water.

“I saw two horse heads sticking up out of the ice,” Fire Chief Leon Clapper told WBRE-TV. “That was the only thing you saw.” -Advertisement-

Clapper explained that they used a boat to make a path through the ice before using rescue ropes to pull the horses back to shore. The farm manager, Milton Mosier, said that it was so difficult o watch the majestic creatures struggle knowing that there was little he could do to save them.

“Most men are tough, but it was very emotional when I saw them out there and just felt a little helpless,” he said.

After over an hour in the icy waters the two horses safely made it back to shore, and by this time a number of community members had come along to help. One witness said that “there were tears because we were worried. They are beautiful, beautiful animals. Everybody worked together and got these horses out safely.” -Advertisement-

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