Dancers With Autism Walk On Stage


Performing in front of people can sometimes be a daunting task, but performing a unique dance routine in front of the high profile stars, and not to mention the entire nation is on a completely different level.

That is what this group of young hopefuls, known as AWA (Autism with attidude had) to face. As the the names suggests, this group of talented individuals are all on the Autism spectrum and amazingly dance lets them express themselves through art.

The groups biggest and most important moment to date comes on the ‘The Greatest Dancer’ show, which follows talented dancers from all ages and gives them a once in a lifetime chance to compete for prize money as well as a spot on the hit TV show, Strictly Come Dancing.

As soon as the music starts, AWA showed off their hip hop inspired moves and won the crowd over instantly. One of the dancer’s proud parents stated “They just want to prove to everyone that, regardless of your abilities and your capabilities, that you can achieve anything.” -Advertisement-

After the awe-inspiring performance, Judge Cheryl added “You came out with passion, with force, with fearlessness. And you did exactly what your mom said before. No matter your ability, no matter what’s going on, if you put in hard work and dedication, you can achieve your dreams.” And after seeing their performance you certainly won’t be able to argue with her comments. After this, i certainly know who I’m routing for in the competition.

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