Bikers Pay Tribute To Unclaimed Veteran


Robert Krause served in the U.S. Military in the 1950s, but when he passed away he had no family to mourn him or attend his funeral. This happens to twelve veterans every year in Tampa Bay alone, but this group of bikers were on hand to make sure he Krause got the funeral he deserevd.

The group of bikers are also veterans, and members of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association. They felt that this was the least they could do to support a man who, like them, had fought for his country.

They never knew the former Marine, but Robert Krause was destined to be buried alone before their intervention, which the group feels is their duty. In future, they plan on escorting all unclaimed veterans in the area so that nobody that has fought for their country is buried alone.

“A veteran dies twice, once on the battlefield, and a second time when people stop saying their name,” Nicolas Morales of the biker group told Fox 13 News, “And if there’s anything that we can to do to prevent the latter, so be it.”

The bikers escorted the veteran’s casket to his final resting place, accompanied the casket, and said a tribute at the funeral. The casket was lowered with the traditional bugle call, and Robert Krause’s name was said one more time as the bikers remembered his service.

This group of bikers have gone above and beyond to disprove the stereotypes surrounding themselves and to pay their respects to a complete stranger. You can watch the beautiful tribute here