Best Actress Olivia Colman’s Inspirational Speech At The Oscars Brings Stars To Tears


Olivia Colman won Best Actress at this year’s Oscars for her stunning performance as Queen Anne in The Favourite. She was a surprise winner and the shock is written all over her face when she collects her award.

The odds were on Glenn Close, who starred in The Wife, but she was pipped to the post by British actress Olivia Colman, who is paralysed with shock when her name is read out.

In the video, Olivia, who is wearing a glittery green and silver dress, thanks her agent and her friends. When she thanks her parents she struggles to hold back the tears. “My mum and my dad… well, you know,” she says.

The 45-year-old actress also says hello to her three children who are watching at home. -Advertisement-

Olivia uses her speech to send a message to everyone out there who wants to win their own Oscar one day.

“Any little girl who is practising their speech on the telly… you never know!” she says, adding an inspirational comment. “I used to work as a cleaner, I loved that job but I used to spend quite a lot of my time imagining this.”

She spots someone trying to hurry her up in the wings and speeds up her speech, making sure to mention her husband. -Advertisement-

“My husband Ed, 25 years you’ve been my best supporter,” she says. “He’s going to cry! I’m not,” she jokes.

Just before the end of her emotional speech, she spots Lady Gaga in the audience.

“Lady Gaga!” she shouts, laughing. The pop star, who was also nominated in the Best Actress category, blows kisses. -Advertisement-

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