Adorable Girl Breaks Down In Tears When Foster Mom Turns And Says, “Today’s Your Day.”


Growing up, a lot of us got irritated with our parents and threatened to “run away from home”; however, for so many children in foster care and orphanages around the world, having a home is their biggest dream.

A little girl name Shailee understands this far too well.

After spending time in foster care, she grew extremely attached to the foster family and their son. What happens next is amazing!

Shailee wasn’t the only one who had grown to love her foster family – they also loved her and wanted her to be a part of their lives for good. They made plans to adopt Shailee.

What they didn’t tell Shailee was when she would be adopted.

One day the foster family picks Shailee up from school and surprises her by announcing that they are heading to the courthouse that very day to finalize the adoption.

The little girl’s reaction is heartwarming and the foster family managed to get it all caught on camera.

When the foster father tells Shailee that they are going to court for the adoption, she sits up straight and grabs tightly onto the arm rests of her leather seat as she asks if they’re being serious.

At first the girl doesn’t seem to believe that it can be true but, as reality hits her, she starts to be overcome by emotion.

She has to cover her face as tears begin to come and she knows that she is turning a new chapter in her life – a chapter where she will have the constant love and support of a family.

The video ends with the parents making plans to go out to celebrate once the adoption is finalized.