Whale says ‘Thank You’ to the diver for rescuing him


Whales are one of the biggest animals on the planet. But despite their size, they are very gentle beings. They are not violent at all—most species survive simply on plankton found abundantly in the sea. They are peaceful beings, and do not deserve to go through anything bad. Sadly, the tons of debris and pollution we dump in the oceans every day severely hamper them. A group if divers came across one whale who was in dire need of help because of oceans debris.

The whale swam right up to them, and that is when one of the divers knew he was asking for help. At closer inspection, he realized that the whale was entangled in a fishing line. A huge anchor was also hanging off him and cutting deep into the skin. The diver quickly cut off the ropes. It must have been a painful experience, but the whale was so happy to be freed that he even waved to them in gratitude! Did this video leave you amazed? Share with all your friends and family!