Whale Is Tangled In Ropes, Divers Saves Its Life


On vacation a few years ago, I gave snorkeling a try and enjoyed the experience. I was able to swim on the surface of the water and see all that was going on underneath me. I saw a few small fish and plants, and it was fun and relaxing. However, I’ve never had the desire to scuba dive and to be completely underwater, relying on a machine to breathe. Truthfully, just the thought of it terrifies me. Since it’s something I’ll probably never do, I’ll miss out on amazing experiences like this whale encounter.

A scuba diver may dive their entire lives without having a once in a lifetime experience like James Moskito’s whale encounter. He and a few other divers got up close and personal with a humpback whale that needed their help.

“The whale came up on a breath, came up, put its eye above the surface… looked at me, I could tell it was looking at me, and it just stayed there,” James said. James swam out to the whale put his hand on its eye and told the whale, “I’m here to help you, I’m not going to hurt you.”

The whale stayed on the surface for too long, and James and the others realized that something was wrong. The huge creature was tangled in thousands of feet of rope attached to a series of heavy crab pots. The rope and pots were limiting the whale’s ability to swim, move and breathe.

If the whale had been trapped like this for long, it surely would not have survived. James and the other divers spend hours untangling and cutting lines, even from inside the whale’s mouth and the ones wrapped around its tail. Their hard work paid off, and the whale was completely freed.

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