Clever Octopus Pulls Off Disappearing Act That Will Fool Even The Sharpest Eye


He divulges how we’ve only managed to discover 3% of what’s out in the oceans, and how we’ve managed to scale the world’s biggest mountain and deepest valleys. However, when it comes to what lies far beneath, a place where we once thought no life existed but is, in fact, teeming with life, goes to show that we don’t know much at all.

In the final part of his talk, he shows us probably the most astonishing clip of them all: the camouflaging octopus. He mentions that the deep sea is still being explored, but there is plenty to learn in the shallow. Take this particular octopus, the Octopus Vulgaris, found in the Cayman Islands. The camera reveals what appears to be an ordinary cluster of algae – only, it’s not. It’s a cleverly disguised octopus that is able to take on the texture, color, brightness, and pattern of its surroundings.

The startled octopus frantically jets off, squirting ink, and makes himself appear big by spreading out his arms as a way to ward off predators. David plays this clip in slow motion backward, and it’s captivating. This truly is an astonishing creature.

Watch the clip below. It’s almost unbelievable until you see it. Mother Nature sure does have a solution to everything.