Clever Octopus Pulls Off Disappearing Act That Will Fool Even The Sharpest Eye


I’m scared of water. I’m not a swimmer, would rather spend time away from beaches in the summertime and when I’m on vacation and prefer to be as close to dry land as much as possible. It’s a fear that I have from when I was younger and it’s not something that seems to be going away anytime soon.

But, despite my dislike of lakes and seas, I’m highly intrigued by the life that lives underwater. Sea animals are so interesting to me. I love watching them go about their lives in the deepest ends of the ocean, not to mention that their homes look beautiful with the reef and coral.

Dr. David Gallo is an oceanographer known for his extraordinary work aimed at expanding human knowledge of the sea. He’s been known to show extra enthusiasm regarding deep sea exploration and is a pioneer in the field – he’s a member of James Cameron’s Deep Ocean Task Force, how cool is that?

In David’s Ted Talk “Underwater Astonishments,” he takes the audience deep below the surface of the water and discusses facts about some of the stranger sea life no one knows much about.

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