Dog Sees The Ocean For The First Time


Dogs are probably the happiest creatures on the planet. Think about it, they’re always so happy to see you, they love running about and playing games, they get excited at the sight of a lead, and their tails are always frantically wagging. There’s nothing cuter than a happy dog. Except maybe a happy puppy.

However, that isn’t the case for all dogs. Unfortunately, some get the rough end of the stick and are abandoned or, worse, abused. That was the case with Herschel. Herschel is a beautiful German Shepherd who spent five years of his life chained to a post.

Only able to walk the length of the chain, Herschel didn’t know any world outside of what was in his immediate vicinity.

Eventually, he was rescued and taken to a shelter, but his excitement and needs weren’t met with adequate care. The shelter tried their hardest but had a lot of dogs to care for. -Advertisement-

He was occasionally picked to come home with a family, but his excitement at the freedom was sometimes mistaken for aggression, and some people couldn’t cope.

Herschel was in and out of the shelter, seemingly doomed to spend his life there.

Then, Save Our Shelter and Dog’s Day Out teamed up to give the loveable German Shepherd a day out he would never forget. First they took him to the mountains, and then drove him along the coast. He stared at the scenery from the car window, lapping in everything he had been missing. -Advertisement-

When they got to the beach, Herschel’s excitement was bigger than ever. He jumped and howled with glee, and – well you’ll have to watch the video below to see for yourself.

These charities have given Herschel the opportunity to be a normal dog for a day, and he looks so grateful for everything they’ve done. Let us know what you think of Herschel’s adorable reaction in the comments!