Dog sacrifices life to save baby from fire


Dogs are renowned for their fierce loyalty and bravery. There are countless of dogs who have saved their owners or family members from disasters. Erika Poremski’s family dog, Polo, is one of these canine heroes. In Baltimore, Maryland, Erika had only stepped outside  for a moment when she saw flames engulfing the house. This made Erika panic, as her 8 month old baby girl, Vivianna and Polo were trapped inside the house. She heard Vivianna crying and tried to get inside. Her neighbors also came to help and tried breaking down the doors and windows to no avail. Erika could only watch in horror as the fire spread to the entire house.

The Baltimore Fire Department soon arrived on the scene and immediately rushed in to save Vivianna and Polo. The firefighters finally found them both, but one of them did not survive. Vivianna was found underneath Polo’s body, who had used his body to protect her from the fire.

Polo had stayed in the bedroom to protect Vivianna even though he could have went out through the front door before the fire spread. Instead, he chose to shield Vivianna with his body and sacrificed himself to protect her. Thanks to Polo, Vivianna only sustained burns on the sides of her body. Erika was relieved that Vivianna was safe but mourned the loss of their beloved Polo.

Polo is undoubtedly a hero and would be dearly missed. The Poremskis had lost everything in the fire and are currently raising funds for Vivianna’s medical expenses. If you would like to help Vivianna, please visit their GoFundMe page titled “#Vivstrong”.