Chubby Bulldog at Dog Show


Physical exercise can be strenuous and tiring at the best of times, not to mention when you’re not in the best shape. But anyone who works out will know that rewarding feeling of getting through it, there’s nothing quite like it.

And that feeling is exactly what Rudy, the English bulldog got after tearing up the agility course at the Westminster Dog Show recently and it’s safe to say he exceeded all expectations and stole the show.

As you probably know, bulldogs are not known for their agility, with there loveable stocky frames, they are quite content with some cuddles on the sofa. But not Rudy. He shocked everyone when he raced through the course, jumping over every obstacle with ease in just 50 seconds!

But sadly, much to everyone’s dismay, Rudy didn’t win, but deep down we know he is the real winner. Not only did he do the entire bulldog breed proud, but he also managed to smash the typical bulldog stereotype. He sure proved everyone wrong! Take a look at Rudy’s impressive run below!