Huge leopard is taking a nap inside the cage


The story of this Leopard is just another proof of how cruel some humans can be, but luckily, there are also those that are the voice of the voiceless and fight for the rights of the animals. This poor animal was not only caged and bred non-stop, but also declawed, and that was devastating to hear.

Luckily for the Leopard, fate finally smiled upon him and he got rescued by the good guys from Cedar Cove Tiger Park. They took him in and showered him with love and affection. They fed and treated him. They called him Voodoo, and he sure is one heck of a happy thing!

The video here captures one of those cool moments when Voodoo is in a good mood. Not that he’s ever in a bad one, but in this case, he’s all taken for giving thanks to people who show him some love. So when this guy reaches out to pet him, Voodoo responds in the nicest and most touching manner possible. You hear that sound?!

How excruciating it is to come across the sight of a gracious animal in a cage. When will people understand that other living beings are not our property, but given the right from God to live freely in their natural habitat. Instead of being out, running and conquering the wild, many are captivated for breeding purposes and are sold for big bucks on the black market.