Horse has been with cat since he was a kitten


This unlikely duo has charmed their way into everyone’s hearts, so be careful! Once you read their story, you’re likely to catch feels too.

Sappy and Dakota have been inseparable ever since Sappy was brought home as a kitten.

Denice Kinney, their owner, said she got Sappy as a kitten last may. As the fluffball started to grow she noticed he would lay next to Dakota as he grazed. If the horse laid down, he would lay on him. “I even saw him crawl up his tail to get on his back!” She shared.

The cat is in the horse’s stall everyday, and when feeding time comes around, their owner is always sure to set a container down for Sappy too. When she goes riding, Sappy is never far behind. Denice compares his behavior to that of a dog.

Aren’t animals fascinating? Even though Dakotah could kill his little friend with one step of his hoof or one bite, neither seem to worry.

It’s all cuddles and play when it comes to these guys! Their unusual attachment brings so much warmth to my heart. I love seeing all different species getting along. We could learn a thing or two from these pals.

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