A Cat Wakes His Humans


Getting up in the morning is sometimes the hardest thing we do all day. It often feels like you just fell asleep and BOOM – the alarm goes off!

Some people have to set multiple alarms to make sure they don’t over sleep! The family in this video doesn’t have to worry about oversleeping. Their cat wakes them up every day – promptly at 5AM!

Those of you who have pets know that they can tell what time it is – for them, it is always mealtime! When their tummy is empty, some pets are relentless! Usually it’s the barking or “paw in the face” method that works best, but since this kitty had been locked outside of the human’s bedroom, he needed to find the alternative way to let them know he was hungry, LOL.

He was ready for breakfast and knew exactly how to get results! If this was my cat, I would either let him in the room at night or take off the door stopper!

Take a look at this video!