White Peacock Fans Its Feathers


Guests who stumbled upon the most beautiful white peacock waited in anticipation for the creature to pop open its feathers. He struts around the green grassy area as everyone murmurs about how gorgeous he is.

The peacock is the male gender of the peafowl, which includes two Asiatic bird species. The one most people are familiar with is the blue or Indian peafowl originally from India and Sri Lanka.

The other is the green peafowl of Myanmar, Indochina, and Java, and then an African species native only to the Congo Basin. This gorgeous creature is known for the male’s piercing call and among the Asiatic species for their spectacular eye-spotted tail feathers he displays during the courtship ritual.

White peacocks like this incredible creature aren’t actually albino. Albino animals and birds are completely lacking color and have red or pink eyes.

White peafowl have blue eyes. The chicks actually are born yellow in color and convert to white as they mature.

Interestingly enough, there’s a wide variety of shades of white. There’s stark white, the pied white that is a combination of white and the usual Indian blue colors, the blackshoulder pied with normal coloration and white underparts, wings and a spot under the chin, and the blackshoulder peahen, which is white sprinkled with black spots.

Understandably, the white, pied and blackshoulder color patterns of the Indian blues are usually not found in the wild. That’s because patches of white on their bodies would make the peacock more visible to predators.

While in captivity, these recessive coloration genes have shone through. As white peacocks mate with white peahens, all of the chicks turn out white.

But if mated to different colored birds, the result ends up being a wide variety of colors in the chicks. As this peacock struts toward the people admiring him, suddenly he POOF spreads his feathers.

The peacock turns in place and walked around, showing off for everyone to see. This truly is a magnificent creature!

The camera pans around, following his every move. At one point, another peacock zips up, but he isn’t about to share the limelight.

It’s as if he knows everyone is watching him and he puts on quite the fanfare. It’s incredible to see!

The special plume on his head makes him appear even more regal than he does. He’s such a glamorous bird!

See for yourself how gorgeous and overly confident this peacock is.