Stranger Drives Halfway Across America To Return Lost Dog


A Kansas man abandoned his girlfriend’s dog in the middle of a road trip after the couple broke up. Zimba, the dog, was left alone in Maryland, a long way from his home and his owner in Wichita, Kansas.

Luckily, Zimba, a pitbull mix, was found safe in Maryland, and the Caroline County Humane Society was able to get in touch with his mother because he had a microchip.

Thrilled that he had been found safe, his owner explained that she and her boyfriend had broken up while he was on a road trip with her dog, and he abandoned it out of anger and spite. While she was glad Zimba had been found, she didn’t know how she would make the 2,000-mile round trip when balancing her job and her kids.

Enter Zach Holt. Zach was a former employee at the shelter, and his girlfriend, who still worked there, told him about Zimba’s plight. Zach’s weekend bartending job left him all week to drive to Kansas and back, so he picked up Zimba and set off on the mammoth journey.

He didn’t want anything in return, and returned the missing pup out of the goodness of his heart, but the Caroline County Humane Society Facebook page raised some funds for fuel and tolls on his journey.

Zach is obviously a charitable soul who’ll go out of his way to help anyone, and anyone’s dog, even if it means driving halfway across the country for days on end! We wish him the best of luck on his journey. -Advertisement-

Zach and Zimba make a great duo, and go a long way towards restoring your faith in humanity. What do you think of Zach’s 1,000-mile journey to return this puppy to its owner? Let us know in the comments!