Police Dog Sacked For Being “Too Friendly” Immediately Gets New Job


Gavel seemed to be the perfect dog. He is a beautiful German Shepherd puppy who is excitable, happy, and a joy to be around. The kind of dog that brings a smile to your face whether you like it or not. Gavel had his little mind set on a career in the police force, specifically the Queensland Police Service in Australia.

Unfortunately, Gavel’s dreams were cut short when he was told that he was “too friendly”, and subsequently fired. The dejected pup was back on the job hunt, presumably handing out resumes to a range of potential employers, and one got back to him with the perfect opportunity for an excitable dog like himself!

He landed a role working for none other than the Governor of Queensland and has kickstarted his career as Vice-Regal Dog.

His role involves greeting guests at the workplace of the Queensland Governors, attends official meetings and briefings with the Governor, and generally brings “untold joy” to his colleagues and visitors.

This is the perfect role for a well-trained and excitable dog, and Gavel will excel in this role. He may always wonder of what could have happened in the Police Force, but hopefully, this is the beginning of a brand new career for the lovable German Shepherd.

He even got his own personalised uniform with the role! It just goes to show that being friendly pays off, and when one doggy door closes, another one opens. -Advertisement-

The Queensland Governor hopes that Gavel will be with them for a long time, as the role seems perfect for such a happy boy. Let us know in the comments if you can think of any job more perfect for Gavel!