Loyal Dog Passes Away After 11 Years of Protecting His Master’s Grave


A dog that moved to live in a cemetery has died after 11 years watching over his master’s grave. People around the world were moved by the story when it came out a few years ago, but his service has sadly come to an end.

Capitán was a German Shepherd mix, and only knew his master for a year before he tragically died. After Miguel’s death, Capitán disappeared. Miguel’s widow Veronica and son Damián couldn’t find their beloved dog anywhere, and assumed he had run away out of grief, and been adopted by another family.

But that wasn’t the case, as Damián found out when he went to visit his father’s grave in the cemetery. There was Capitán, waiting by Miguel’s grave! Nobody could explain how Capitán found where his human was laid to rest, but he refused to come home to the rest of his family.

The dog grew popular with cemetery staff, who made sure he was healthy. They arranged for him to have his immunisations and even called a vet when he broke his leg one time!

Capitán came home sometimes, and also walked with mourners going through the cemetery during the day, but at 6pm he would leave to sit by his master’s grave and stay with him all night.

Unfortunately, the faithful pooch was diagnosed with kidney failure four years ago, but rather than have him put down in the vetinary surgery,  the family decided it was best to let Capitán live out the rest of his days in the cemetery, where he felt comfortable and at peace.

Capitán died after 11 years of service protecting his human’s grave, which proves that even after death, a dog truly is a man’s best friend. Rest in peace Capitán, the most loyal of dogs.