Cheeky Pet Racoon Acts Innocent After Getting Caught Digging A Huge Hole In His Owner’s Couch


Not everyone can handle an unusual pet, especially not a pet like this.

While most of us are content with cats and dogs, Elena, who lives in Kemerovo, Russia, has a cheeky racoon called Tema to keep her company. -Advertisement-

Instagram star Tema may be adorable but, after all, he’s still a racoon. And, among his more humble exploits like playing in the snow, cuddling his owner and having a bath, he’s been known to cause a bit of trouble.

This time, Elena can see the sofa cushions moving and knows cheeky Tema is up to something. As she pulls back the cushions, she gasps as she saw a furry little behind sticking out of a giant hole in the sofa. That’s right — Tema had decided to make a cosy bed and wouldn’t let something as small as couch fabric get in his way.

As Elena touches the naughty racoon, his head appears and he looks around innocently. He sees Elena and, instead of running away in shame, he goes back to his business of making a soft warm bed. Elena laughs and strokes her pet.

Elena said: “Raccoons are pretty difficult animals to have at home.” You don’t need to tell us twice, Elena!

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