Animal Hero Creates Thousands Of Cozy Beds For Stray Animals Using Old, Discarded Tires


Meet Amarildo Silva Fihlo, the once-struggling artists who used to work at a grocery store to get by, but always believed that he wasn’t fulfilling his true potential.

Amrarildo, wanted to help all of the animals in his local community, so came up with an ingenious way to turn trash into something to help. He says that

“What used to be trash now becomes something very useful for animals.”One day he came across a heap of tires on the roadside and decided to try an turn one of them into a bed for the hundreds of stray dogs that roam the streets of Brazil. -Advertisement-

What started as an experiment has now snowballed, with Amarildo transforming over 6000 tires to make warm and cozy beds for the animals.

The beds have now become so popular that he has received ordered from all over the country and is now hoping to expand his business and put together a team to help him You can take a look at his products right here Facebook page, Cãominhas Pets.

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