A Family Dog Attacks Their 4 Year Old, But Their Cat Saves The Day


The Triantafilo family in Bakersfield loved their pets, a dog called Maya, and a rescue cat called Tara. Rescue cats are known for being skittish, shy, and generally averse to human interaction, but Tara was the exact opposite.

Tara was, unusually for a cat, friendly with everyone she met and even got on with the Triantafilos’ dog! But there was one human who she took a special liking to.

Jeremy was Mr and Mrs Triantafilo’s eldest son, and at 4 years old he spent most of his time with Tara. She seemed to enjoy his company, their conversations and their walks.

What’s more, if Jeremy was crying she would run to him, and have the same reaction if he fell off his bike or got hurt. The pair were firm friends, and were never found far from one another. -Advertisement-

However, one day Jeremy was practising riding his bike without the training wheels on his parents’ driveway. He didn’t ride far, so his parents could always see him from the window, but nobody predicted what would happen next.

Out of nowhere, their neighbours’ 8-month-old dog Scrappy became aggressive and attacked young Jeremy. It bit his leg and pulled him off his bike, but what happened next stunned everybody.

Tara knew she had to protect her best friend, but the dog was at least twice her size. What she did was so brave that Mr Triantafilo uploaded the CCTV footage to YouTube, which went viral. Tara’s bravery was recognised through multiple awards, not least the Special Award For Cat Achievement at the Cat Vid Festival.

You’ll have to watch the video below to see exactly what made Tara the hero she is. Have you known any brave cats who have gone aboe and beyond? Let us know in the comments!