Choir Teacher Hides Wedding From Students


Christopher Landis is one of the most loved teachers at Hingham Middle School in Massachusetts as well as the Choir Director.

One day the kids at the choir started to notice a man who would come to visit Mr Landis on a regular basis, and of course questions were asked. But Mr Landis would simply reply “That’s Joe. He’s my friend.”

But in reality, this wasn’t the case. Joe was Christophers soon to be husband, and as he wasn’t sure how the kids would react, SO he held back on the truth.

A few weeks later during the dress rehearsal for the wedding ceremony, Christopher noticed something strange. He noticed that a number of the guests had their phones out ready to record something, but he had no idea what.

But suddenly he noticed a number of his students flooding the room all dressed up and ready to perform, and he realised that a secret plan had been in place along.

As the 50 plus students began to perform their version of ‘All you need is love’ Mr Landis broke down in tears, tears of joy of course. Joe had been in on the plan all along after parents caught wind of the teachers wedding, and with the help of Joe, spent months planning the surpirse.

The video below captures the moment Mr Landis realises that the students truly understand who Joe is, and it is beautiful to watch,

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