His Job Was To Push Patients To Their Rooms But Had No Idea Cameras Were Recording Him


When you are given a talent, the best thing you can possibly do with it is to use it to better the lives of yourself and those around you.

Although you shouldn’t feel obliged to offer your skills to others in case you don’t have the energy to do so, using your talent to help others is certainly one of the most rewarding things you could do.

This is especially so in places where people will need it best!

No one needs more comfort than patients in a hospital. After all, a hospital can be a scary, foreign, and sterile place to be, which can be anxiety-inducing. So every little thing helps!

This is the mindset Lindon Beckford has for the last three decades in his job as a transporter in Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, a hospital located in Boston, Massachusetts.

And this lovely mindset was revealed clearly by a camera! The recording device shows how as he goes about bringing patients from room to room, he does his best to calm and soothe them.

This is highly appreciated in an environment like a hospital. As a workspace that is constantly busy, there is very little time for bedside comfort for patients, especially if they are only there for a short stay.

It can leave the patient feeling abandoned and alone as a result.

This can’t be helped – both doctors and nurses are constantly on the go, having to take care of multiple patients at once – although they do their best, they often can only spare at most a few non-medical related minutes with a patient.

Beckford, however, takes a slightly different approach. Although like the rest of the hospital staff he isn’t able to spend too much time with a patient, he tries to make every moment count.

Upon his first meeting, he introduces himself as the patient’s chauffeur – and it only gets sweeter from there.

Blessed with an amazing set of vocals, he uses his talent for good and washes away his charges’ worries and anxieties by singing!

This isn’t new to Beckford – he has always taken to his love of music to soothe and calm his own anxiety and panic attacks.

It was only natural that he would take to sharing his talent with others so that he could uplift the spirits of those around him, even before his job at the hospital.

Thus, it was natural that his voice would soon fill the halls of his workplace, to the benefit of others!